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'Minuit's Downfall' is our entry for the #FamiliarGamejamX #FGJX .

It's a arcade/plataformer game where you will have to switch between two light modes, Red or Green, to make your path going down in the cave before the scary Cursed Monster gets you.

Move with: A, D key.
Switch between colors using: K

Theme of the gamejam: 'TWO POINTS OF VIEW'

Lead Design: @Kim_Lock (Ignacio Villalta)
Character and UI: @3DLeon (Pablo León)
Textures and Scenary: @Lou_h6 (Lourdes Del Castillo)
Programming: @Javialonso (Javier Alonso)

Music & Sound: Incompetech & BFXR.net

28/10/2018 Familiar Gamejam X Edition.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsKim, Lou, 3DLeon, Javialonso


Minuits_Fall_Win.rar 29 MB


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Challenging game going harder with time. The end result is very compact.

Small note: music and SFX settings doesn't work.

Pretty polished one! Art was awesome. Very simple and funny game. The bad part was that I had to take my half green half red glasses out to play this game.


My favourite game of the jam! A simple idea perfectly executed. Well done!

Simple and fun game, with nice assets! It feels very polished to be a jam game! The difficulty is fair in my opinion, and has lots of "wheeeewh!" moments, which is awesome. Congrats!